Good-bye Hawthorne. Retiring Executive Director Diane Arnold has penned one last blog:

Good-bye Hawthorne, good-bye Louie Cat

Good-bye to the people who came by to chat


Good-bye little people, kids and teens

Good-bye to the seniors, even those who are mean


Good-bye dancers with your little tapping feet

Good-bye to the costumes that always looked so sweet


Good-bye funders and donors so kind

Good-bye to those who helped when we were in a bind


Good-bye 5:00 am opening to let in voters

Good-bye late night closings and those who would loiter


Good-bye buses and vans that didn’t start

Good-bye to old buildings falling apart


Good-bye head lice, scabies and bed bugs

Affectionately spread through sweet little hugs


Good-bye internet which often went down

Causing me and others often to frown


Good-bye Twitter, Facebook and blogs

Good-bye to rescued cats and dogs


Good-bye to the staff and all of their issues

When I walk out the door we will all need some tissues


Good-bye to my board and their governing skills

We traveled up and down many, many hills


Good-bye to houses that needed to be sold

Good-bye to refrigerators that wouldn’t keep food cold


Good-bye contracts, proposals and grants

Forcing me to put on my big girl pants


Good-bye hot dogs, popcorn and nachos

Your calories gave me a really big paunch-o


Good-bye to shopping, cooking and serving food

Good bye to being nice to people when I wasn’t in the mood


Good-bye to my Hootenanny Fiesta

I may come back to help because I just can’t resist ya


Good-bye chickens, goats and roosters

Good-bye to murals created by our boosters


Good-bye to driving the Hawthorne vans

Good-bye to scrubbing pots and pans


Good by Betty Harris, my Deputy and good friend

You were always there to help me to the very end


Good-bye Hawthorne, I gave you my best

I think I am now ready to take a long rest